Our portfolio company MadeRight, is looking for a Mycologist Research Scientist


MadeRight, a dynamic startup leveraging fungi to craft sustainable materials, seeks a highly skilled Mycologist to join our biology development team. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to our research efforts in scaling up fungal-based biopolymers. At MadeRight, we pioneer biological systems, explore cutting-edge science, and champion manufacturing rooted in nature. We seek team members who embody our values: BOLD, Productive, Resourceful, and Imaginative.
Center of Israel


• Passion for biotechnology and optimizing bioprocess.
• Adaptability to swiftly learn new tasks and tools.
• Exposure to various fermentation systems or bioreactor operations


• Demonstrated ability to work independently in a lab and collaboratively within a team.
• Proficiency in statistical methods, experimental design, and data analysis.
• Exceptional organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail.
• Skill in documenting data with integrity.
• Experience in technical writing.
• Capacity to guide fellow team members.
• Strong cross-functional communication abilities.


• Plan and execute laboratory experiments.
• Analyze data and interpret results to inform process development.
• Develop, draft, and review working protocols and technical reports.
• Communicate clearly on timelines, deliverables, and observations.
• Maintain equipment related to workstreams.

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Ronny Barak

Business Consultant

Ronny brings 25 years of vast experience in the life science, medical and biotechnology industries as senior executive management, general management, strategic business development, sales and marketing.

As CEO of established companies and as co-founder-inventor, Ronny led startup companies to exit-M&A deals, through regulatory approvals, product penetration and sales ramp up. 

He has rich experience in team management in global and local markets.

Ronny has proven success in funds raising, wide network of contacts with KOL clinicians, researches, industry experts, investors and strategic companies.

Ronny has a Science-Chemistry B.Sc. and a MBA.