Enhancing Muscle Mass for the Accelerated Production of Cultured Meat

ProFuse Technology turns the vision of cultured meat into a reality by enabling price parity of cultured meat with that of animal origin. The company's technology revolutionizes cultured meat producers’ production method, by shortening the process times, improving the meat quality and increasing yields.

Molecular Technology for Natural Organic Compounds

External gene activation in plants for cost effective hyper expression of specific natural organic compounds: pigments, flavors, proteins, and bioactive ingredients.

Wide-Range Targeted Peptides Bio-Preservatives

A fermentation based novel mechanism for broad-spectrum inhibitory peptides against fungi decay agents and pathogens. These food-safe & nature-based proteins prevent the decay and spoilage of perishable foods, beverages and packed goods; reducing microbial spoilage, improving products’ value and extending shelf life.

Clean Label Sweetener & Masking Agent

Clean label from all-natural ingredients proprietary formulation, applicable to various food& beverage applications. The formula supports all the functionalities of sugar, with no after taste or lingering, while carrying improved health attributes.

Sustainable cell-cultured fish based on immortalized fish cell lines with improved proliferation rate

Proprietary immortalized fish cell lines for the production of cultured fish. The cells differentiate upon a specifically designed signal while cutting overall costs and allowing efficient scale-up

Energy management by Device segregation

Full visibility of energy consumption to reduce food production facilities' costs & carbon footprint, relying on a non intrusive single metering point

Precision fermentation functional proteins

Fermentation based non-GM functional proteins for the food industry, starting with vegan ovalbumin and related proteins

Ronny Barak

Business Consultant

Ronny brings 25 years of vast experience in the life science, medical and biotechnology industries as senior executive management, general management, strategic business development, sales and marketing.

As CEO of established companies and as co-founder-inventor, Ronny led startup companies to exit-M&A deals, through regulatory approvals, product penetration and sales ramp up. 

He has rich experience in team management in global and local markets.

Ronny has proven success in funds raising, wide network of contacts with KOL clinicians, researches, industry experts, investors and strategic companies.

Ronny has a Science-Chemistry B.Sc. and a MBA.