We are looking for Entrepreneurs with conceptually validated technology solutions,
(concept level or initially proved technologies)

1st Stage Application Form
2nd stage 1:1 Experts Feedback
3rd Stage Full application Pack
4th Stage Selection Committee

Fresh Start FoodTech incubator is highly focused on Alternative Protein Solutions,
offering significant advantages in creating and supporting early-stage ventures in the field.
We believe that mentoring from early stage is a success factor

We are Focused on The Following White Spaces

AI / BIOINFORMATICS harnessed to the discovery of new ingredients, improvement and sustainability of production processes, and mimicking animal-sourced   texture and functionality. 

technology harnessed to create novel Biomass (with emphasis on marine sourced solutions), critical molecules for improved mimicking & functionality (flavour/texture/appearance /nutritional value)

Mechanical engineering and/or enzymatic solutions for improved textures while reducing costs and supporting sustainability

Fat biomimicry Developing animal-free fats that provide the organoleptic experience of animal fat

Polymers or organic chemistry development for alt protein